The Virtu brand is underpinned by three core meanings; –we are in the virtual space, we are a virtuous institution and vertu is the object of desire. Our vision is to be recognised as a leading education institution offering quality courses at a range of levels to a diverse community of learners and our mission is to provide a quality face to face and online learning experience in all aspects of design, business and education that is internationally respected and utilised by the students, commerce, governments and the professions.

Virtu will be recognised by its peers for the quality of its courses, delivery, staff and graduates and will operate in the private education market sector

initially focusing on the diploma qualifications, and eventually degrees, attracting students who are predominantly in employment. Virtu would like to thank the professionals at DIA Brands Singapore and Australia for their critical contribution in developing our brand and I urge all Virtuosos to adopt this brand with the energy and commitment it warrants!

Our core tagline Designing Futures talks about Virtu, its students and the professions, active and moving forward, and one of the key ways Virtu can prosper and grow is for us all to nurture and care for its brand, using logotypes, typography, colours, visuals and messages in ways that always represent us correctly and consistently.