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At APC Design School you will study face to face and online and be able to complete any aspect of your learning. Access to an up to date computer, a basic set of office and design software programs and good internet connectivity is all you will require to technically support your study.

Most of our courses require minimal entry qualifications and Making an Application on the Virtu website will take you through our step by step enrolment procedure which can be undertaken immediately.

At APC Design School we TEACH…! you are not left to learn on your own, you will not be confused by technology… instead you will be nurtured through each subject along with other students in your virtual class, you will learn from your teachers and your colleagues and you will learn from guest lecturers.

Our study year is divided into eight (8) nine (9) week terms commencing at roughly 6 week intervals offering students 8 start times in a calendar year.

Resources to be provided by the Student
Prospective students are informed in all pre-enrolment documentation that study is IT intensive and to participate in these study programs, students will need to have:

  • A functioning and monitored email address
  • A modern computer with Microsoft office or equivalent programs (word processor, spreadsheet, email and digital slide show)
  • Broad band internet access (300 kpbs is a minimum requirement)
  • A web cam
  • A video capable device (Most smart phones will suffice, more advanced video cameras may also suit) and a digital camera
  • A scanner/printer device capable of scanning and printing A4 size documents and images (minimum 1000+ DPI, A4 size)
  • Relevant software to download PDF assignment tasks and to upload video
  • Sufficient IT skill sets to operate in an online environment, to be able to research online, to be able to download documentation, to be able to upload documents, pictures and video in a suitable definition to be legible.
Online Study Tour


Your APC Design School life, study and learning are hosted by a sophisticated student portal supported by a comprehensive Student Information System and a state of the art Learning Management System (LMS). The systems are available 24/7.

APC Design School will offer the following additional learning opportunities to students experiencing problems with their study:
1. Tutorial support is available from the Course Coordinator,
2. The LMS allows for one on one interaction and emails further supporting the student.
3. Diverse staff allows for students to be potentially spoken to in their first language by either a Lecturer or a senior design professional.
4. Students can defer or delay their participation into another course.


Additional Resources for Interior and Graphic Design Students
• Specific Design Software such as Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Acrobat, Flash, Dreamweaver, Vectorworks, Fireworks, and or equivalent programs or open source software such as GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, AutoCad and Scribus.

Additional Resources for Fashion Design Students
• A dress form to create and display garments
• A domestic sewing machine and an overlocker sewing machine for finishing garments (overlocker machine is optional but encouraged for professional finishing)
• Iron and iron board
• Pattern making tools and equipment
• Sewing tools and equipment