Sangeeta Jain







Title: Lecturer
Qualifications: MDID, Dip Art

Profile: Design is my life. I am Design. Dot, line, shape, form, space, colour, composition, light and shade, balance and rhythm, are inseparable elements of my life. When each element comes together in perfect harmony with the other, it creates a wonderful design. However there is a charm in imperfection too. Imperfection holds a true potential to be perfect! I believe that it is human to be imperfect and this journey of life is the progression that could lead to perfection. Therefore I would best describe myself as a Student of Life.
My area of interest and proficiency is in the field of Visual Communication with majors in Graphic, Web and Interaction Design. I am fond of an interdisciplinary approach to design. My rich international exposure has provided me with the opportunity to draw connections between unique cultures, trends and design. It has also helped me relate and to communicate clearly and effectively with students of all levels. In my classes I aim to develop an interactive environment in which students can express themselves creatively and to make learning more meaningful.

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