Second Intake

Virtu Design Institute began classes in January 2013 and is now taking applications for its second intake due to commence classes on the 8th April 2013, Prospective students can apply online through this website and are encouraged to seek RPL (Recognised prior Learning) for any previous studies or professional experience that they have completed. Visit our “Virtu Online Study Tour” on this website to see how Virtu classes are delivered and remember, Virtu courses are Australian government accredited and are accepted for entry at most Australian universities with RPL for the Advanced Diplomas.

Deal signed – Pearson eLibrary

Virtu and Pearson Education South Asia are pleased to announce that we have just signed an e-books deal initially comprising 30 titles that will form the basis of the Virtu online library. Virtu Institute was originally established in Australia as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Virtu is fully committed to online learning and provides a complete online teaching and learning environment including its e-library.

Virtu Institute has commenced Singapore operations using Singaporean expertise for its software platform and curriculum development and is currently also pursuing CPE registration as a PEI.

Black Mountain

Tan Haur, Virtu Lecturer is noted for using technologies and genres to achieve interesting tonal spectrums, surface textures as well as expressive painterly qualities. He is an MA graduate (High Distinction) of the Australian National University in digital imaging and photography. He has been highly active in photographic exhibitions, workshops and events, exhibiting his travel scenes, underwater-series and landscapes.
His Black Mountain series, inspired by the Australian landscape – depicted as rich and full of possibilities. Composed of multiple viewpoints, Black Mountain evokes mountain retreat that is lush with eucalyptus forests, gum trees and rocky terrain. The series was acquired by Belle Vue Residences Singapore and has received the Silver Award in the Paris PX3 Photo Competition (Digital Fine Art Cat) 2011.

Art and Chairs

Tan Haur Virtu Lecturer has integrated fine art with product design in a Charity Show (Arts and Design Against Cancer, year 2012). Mr S R Nathan the former President of the Republic of Singapore acquired the chair designed by Tan on 23rd May 2012 at the Red Dot Design Museum. The visual images on the upholstery was created based on the artistic process of Tan Haur’s underwater sketching and digital photo imaging creation. It was a combination of seascape, mindscape and self-reflection through his underwater experiences in South East Asia.

Tan Haur is a multi disciplinary artist and his practice includes the development of individual works/exhibitions, curatorial projects and collaborations.  He draws inspiration and ideas from a given location, everyday objects and daily life.  He immerses himself into different environments, experiencing the differences, and experimenting

different mediums and technologies in art creation and interaction, continuously in search of the relationship between Nature, Culture, Art, Media and Technology.

Tan practices Zen in daily activities and the creation of art are a journey of self-discovery to understand and get closer to his true being. He likes to work on cross disciplinary projects like integrating fine art and commercial design that challenge conventions and by breaking the norm results in different alternative techniques.  Tan Haur’s love for digital art, photography, painting and underwater sketching has motivated him to share this new genre with other enthusiasts around the world.  He has traveled to many countries creating art at high altitudes up upon summits as well as deep down in the ocean. His artist’s blog and website is at: –

Sad Sad Sad News

It is with a real sense of sadness that Virtu announces the passing of threegood friends and colleagues; Guy Schockaert, graphic designer and Past President of ICOGRADA who died on the 11th January 2013, Professor Gus Guthrie AM inaugural Chair of the Virtu Board of Directors and former the Vice Chancellor of UTS Sydney, who died on January 12th 2013andImre Molnar, Provost of the College for Creative Studies, USA, who died on December 28th 2012. Virtu extends its condolences and sends best wishes to their respectivefamilies.

Guy Schockaertwas a great friend to me who I last visited in September in Brussels in September 2012 and sadly he was quite unwell. ICOGRADA wrote on its website: “GOODBYE MR. ICOGRADAGuy was a friend, a colleague, a mentor, a creator and an inspiration to so many.  He was one of those rare people whose courage, passion and integrity guided many generations of designers but also inspired every person that ever met him.  His dedication and passion for Icograda, for design and design’s role in creating a better world was profound and earned him the nickname ‘Mr. Icograda’ that will surely continue to identify him. With his passing, his light has not been extinguished but will continue to illuminate the way for generations of designers to come.

Guy served on the Icograda Board from 1993 to 2001, and was Icograda President from 1997 to 1999. He remained a devoted friend and member, never missing a General Assembly for almost two decades. His vision and legacy have been built into the core of the organisation and will continue to be one of the cornerstones of Icograda. Even in his illness his last effort was to travel to Istanbul and take part in the Icograda Board meeting just a month ago, contributing his opinions and ideas for the future of Icograda.  His sacrifice once again showed his generosity and selflessness when it came to promoting the potential of design to do good that he so strongly advocated.

What we will remember and miss most is his love and his kindness. Despite his extraordinary intelligence and wit he was humble.  He would always sign his emails as “your humble servant” -­‐ in his case it was never just a phrase. He respected his colleagues and he always showed kindness and generosity of spirit. He had an incredible faith in others and was always generous in supporting them – something very rare these days. We spent many hours laughing but even when cracking jokes he would teach us something – he taught us about design, he taught us how to live with intelligence and humor, he taught us how to be better designers and people.

Goodbye cher Mr. Icograda and merci pour tout. We promise to continue your good work. On behalf of the Board of Icograda and the entire Icograda community, Iva Babaja, Secretary General.

Professor Roy (Gus) Guthriealso became a good friend and mentor, firstly during my time at Raffles Education and then in the establishment of Virtu Design Institute. Gus established a consultancy in higher education when he stepped down from the post of the founding Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Technology. Sydney (UTS), a post he had held since January 1988. He held doctorates in chemistry from London University, and three honorary doctorates.

Previous positions included President of the NSW Institute of Technology, Secretary General of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK), and founding Dean of Science at Griffith University. He has also held posts in the UK at the University of Leicester and the University of Sussex and is an Adjunct Professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Most his consulting work was in the area of higher education completing projects for Federal and State governments and for individual institutions, both public and private, in Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

A major consulting project (2000-01) was for the Queensland State Government (Department of the Premier), successfully negotiating the agreement for joint research and fellowships with the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, the only such agreement that the Smithsonian has with any entity outside the USA.

Professor Guthrie was an auditor for the New Zealand Universities Academic Audit Unit (since 1997), and for the Australian Universities Quality Agency (since 2001-10), and also took part in numerous audits and trial audits for universities, as well as chairing individual faculty reviews. He was a Ministerial appointee to the Council of the University of the Sunshine Coast, and a member of its Academic Board (1999-2005).

In 2004, with the late Professor Sue Johnston and Professor Roger King, he wrote the so-called Guthrie Report, a major review of the National Protocols on Higher Education Approvals which led to the new Protocols approved by Federal and State Governments in mid-2006.  He was commissioned by various state Governments to chair the assessment committees that reviewed proposed private University applications including: Cairns International, Carnegie Mellon and more recently by the NSW Government to consider an application from a private provider.

Professor Guthrie was chair of the Academic Advisory Board for Group Colleges Australia (1999 to 2012), Chair of the Council of UIC Sydney, a division of Group Colleges Australia (2008 to 2012) and inaugural Chair of the Board of Directors of Virtu Design Institute from December 2011 until he became ill in May 2012.

ImreMolnarwas a friend I made very early in my design career when we met at the National Art School in the 1970s and more recently on his irregular visits to Australia. “Imre Molnar served as the College for Creative Studies’ (USA) chief academic officer for eleven years, first as Dean of the College and more recently as Provost.” wrote the College for Creative Studies on its website: “He oversaw the College’s faculty, curriculum, and academic resources. He led the development of new degree and educational programs and was vital in the creation of the College’s first Master of Fine Arts programs. In addition, Imre’s experience and relationships with the global automotive industry gave him unique insights into the evolving world of automotive design and helped propel CCS’s Transportation Design degree programs to a world leadership position.  He was an admired figure in the design community and a frequent speaker at design conferences and universities around the world.

ImreMolnar brought a diverse international perspective to the academic activities of the College. Born in Hungary and raised in Australia, he joined CCS in 2001.  He previously served as Design Director for Patagonia, the outdoor clothing manufacturer, and as Director of Operations at the renowned design consulting firm Hauser Inc. He also had a long association with the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, as faculty member, administrator and graduate student, including service as Director of Education at the school’s campus in Vevey, Switzerland.  He also served as the Field Officer/New South Wales Director of the Industrial Design Council of Australia – Sydney. ImreMolnar earned a Bachelors degree from the National Art School in Sydney, Australia and Masters degree from Art Center College of Design.

Richard L. Rogers, President of the College for Creative Studies, commented in a message to Trustees, faculty and staff, “Imre Molnar has been a remarkable leader whose accomplishments in his eleven years at the College are huge.  For me, it was a personal privilege and pleasure to have worked so closely with him.  I admired his values, his intelligence, his talent, his determination, and his passionate devotion to his family and the College.  He leaves a great void, and we will miss him terribly.  Let us go forward in reflection on his many contributions to CCS and the Detroit community and in sympathy with his wife Felicia and children Isabelle and Max.

Also Clowning Around

Professor Gus Guthrie our inaugural Chair of the Board of Directors was a member of the Coastal Caring Clowns, a group of happy volunteers who since 2001 have been bringing joy by visiting hospitals, nursing homes, respite centres and medical facilities. Caring clowning can involve anything from singing a song, giving a hug, or performing some clown-like silliness to move someone into a moment of well being and caring in a light-hearted and heart-felt way. Caring Clowns also teach new clowns the process, practice and ethics of being a Caring Clown.

Gus was always fascinated by clowning, and attended the second of Barbara Brewster’s workshops in Buderim in January 2001 and has never looked back, and “Charlie” was born. Gus (Charlie) became the inaugural President of the Coastal Caring Clowns Inc. in July 2001, an office he held for 5 years (as well as being Secretary for the first 3). Charlie with over 10 years of caring clowning

had a wealth of experience and lots of “war stories” and was happy to help and encourage new clowns. He enjoyed doing simple magic, especially card tricks, and longed to learn to juggle, which he could not seem to get the hang of. Gus also had a second clown character called Dr Marmaduke Fungus MB BS (Bachelor of Magic, Bachelor of Silliness).

Over the last years Charlie gave talks to many Probus, Rotary and View Clubs, and  groups up and down the Queensland coast to spread awareness of caring clowning. In August 2010 Charlie was elected a Life Member of the Coastal Caring Clowns for his continuing services to the organisation.

Gus retired from our Virtu Board of Directors in August 2012 due to ill health, and sadly passed away in January 2013.

Virtu Off and Flying

Virtu Institute is off and flying enrolling students to study from January 2013. Students who enrol between 1 November 2012 and 13 January 2013 will get a 20% discount on their first 6 subjects. Virtu lecturers are ready to begin teaching their subjects and all at Virtu look forward to meeting our first students.

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