Education is the bridge between all disciplines and the broader community and in the Virtu Education Institute we aim to help people in all disciplines understand the theories and practice of education and appreciate how to transfer their discipline based knowledge to a new generation of learners.

Virtu Education Institute will initially offer education qualifications for the VET sector but eventually we hope to offer courses for school teachers and higher education lecturers. Our courses will require students to understand how to research a topic, how to prepare for classes and then how to best deliver those classes.

I have been a full time teacher and education manager for more than 20 years now and consider teaching to be one of the noblest professions, a profession where you contribute directly to the lives of others, a profession where your encouragement,

mentorship and knowledge will change lives and add a new and appreciated dimension.

Life Long Learning is an aspiration that is worth pursuing, learning from when we enter kindergarten to when we leave high school, learning in a tertiary institution and then the learning we receive on the job in the workplace, and finally the learning we do when we work less hours and when we either learn a new “trade” or when we capture that special knowledge that has always alluded us. At Virtu Life Long learning is especially easy because of the modular nature of our courses, because of our approachable entry requirements and most of all because of online learning environment.
Join us at Virtu and make education your career, contribute to the development of others and to the development of our community.

Virtu Business and Education courses will be offered in the first half of 2013.

Professor Ron Newman, CEO/President