Business is at the core of all economic development and competent, ethical and progressive business practice is at the core of Business.

At the Virtu Business Institute you will not be taught by theorists but rather by lecturers and trainers who have been in business, who have seen some success in business and who understand the day to day difficulties of starting, managing and developing a business.

Recently I finished reading Richard Branson’s latest book and he talked about Entrepreneurship and what makes a business successful and he described his core values as; focus on the customer, innovation in product or service and good communications within the organization. I find the term Entrepreneur is a peculiar one, describing a role or competence that most people entering business aspire to, but a competence that is not well understood. Teaching someone to become an entrepreneur is the desire of many institutions.

At one time in my life I was “Entrepreneur in Residence” at the IceHouse, the business incubator of Auckland University and I had a specific task of assisting the Nation Institute of Creative Arts and

Industries in developing new faculty research projects, creating new connections between the University’s faculties and with the broader NZ business community. I was given this role because of my experience in the creative industries alongside my experience in starting businesses and taking them to the market.

It is these lateral thinking and innovative approaches to business that will underpin Virtu’s teaching approach, helping our graduates to understand and master their individual role, their future and their opportunities in their own unique geographical commercial environment. The Virtu internship experience is important because it leads our students into business opportunities while beginning the creation of their commercial networks.

All Virtu courses are offered exclusively online and their efficiency, interactivity, quality of content and assistance to the learner present in the learning environment are important for the testing of ideas and supporting the reflective business practice.

Virtu Business and Education courses will be offered in the first half of 2013.

Professor Ron Newman, CEO/President