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Black Mountain

Tan Haur, Virtu Lecturer is noted for using technologies and genres to achieve interesting tonal spectrums, surface textures as well as expressive painterly qualities. He is an MA graduate (High Distinction) of the Australian National University in digital imaging and photography. He has been highly active in photographic exhibitions, workshops and events, exhibiting his travel scenes, underwater-series and landscapes.
His Black Mountain series, inspired by the Australian landscape – depicted as rich and full of possibilities. Composed of multiple viewpoints, Black Mountain evokes mountain retreat that is lush with eucalyptus forests, gum trees and rocky terrain. The series was acquired by Belle Vue Residences Singapore and has received the Silver Award in the Paris PX3 Photo Competition (Digital Fine Art Cat) 2011.

Also Clowning Around

Professor Gus Guthrie our inaugural Chair of the Board of Directors was a member of the Coastal Caring Clowns, a group of happy volunteers who since 2001 have been bringing joy by visiting hospitals, nursing homes, respite centres and medical facilities. Caring clowning can involve anything from singing a song, giving a hug, or performing some clown-like silliness to move someone into a moment of well being and caring in a light-hearted and heart-felt way. Caring Clowns also teach new clowns the process, practice and ethics of being a Caring Clown.

Gus was always fascinated by clowning, and attended the second of Barbara Brewster’s workshops in Buderim in January 2001 and has never looked back, and “Charlie” was born. Gus (Charlie) became the inaugural President of the Coastal Caring Clowns Inc. in July 2001, an office he held for 5 years (as well as being Secretary for the first 3). Charlie with over 10 years of caring clowning

had a wealth of experience and lots of “war stories” and was happy to help and encourage new clowns. He enjoyed doing simple magic, especially card tricks, and longed to learn to juggle, which he could not seem to get the hang of. Gus also had a second clown character called Dr Marmaduke Fungus MB BS (Bachelor of Magic, Bachelor of Silliness).

Over the last years Charlie gave talks to many Probus, Rotary and View Clubs, and  groups up and down the Queensland coast to spread awareness of caring clowning. In August 2010 Charlie was elected a Life Member of the Coastal Caring Clowns for his continuing services to the organisation.

Gus retired from our Virtu Board of Directors in August 2012 due to ill health, and sadly passed away in January 2013.

Making an Enquiry/Application

Student Entry Procedure

If you wish to study at Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma level there are six (6) steps to complete the application/enrolment process. Step 2 of these involves a face to face or skype interview with a staff member. Step 5 involves communication about how you plan to pay your tuition fees by direct debit, or if you wish to consider accessing VET Student Loans.
Our aim is that this interview will offer you an opportunity to ask us any questions, to discuss your application, your desired course and subjects and your study plans in detail. The interview also provides you with an opportunity to request study credits and RPL (Recognised Prior Learning RPL) if you wish.
Complete this online enquiry form and submit
A staff member will contact you for a face to face and/or Skype interview
Send to us by email or upload to the website your academic and personal documents
We will send you a formal Letter Of Offer (LOO)
Successful eligible applicants discuss and elect their payment plan and can discuss application for VET Student Loans.
We confirm enrolment, provide information on course commencement date and induction

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Academic and personal identification documents you will need to upload will include

  • A copy of the photo/detail page of your passport or your national/state photo ID
  • Transcripts of any coursework completed at other educational institutions (transcripts should be certified and include the name and address of the institution – any documents providing evidence of other academic achievements, capabilities (i.e. letters of recommendation) (pdf files – 2 mb maximum size)
  • A portfolio that shows your capability providing evidence of your workplace experience and/or competency equivalent to the entry requirements of your chosen course
  • A Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume