Virtu Institute Scholarships

Virtu Institute offers Scholarships to students who can show merit in their area of study or who are suffering financial hardship.

Scholarship applications close 5pm, 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December each year (AEST or AEDT if applicable).

Students who are successful in their application and receive a scholarship will be entitled to study their first subject free of tuition fees and to study all subsequent subjects with a 30% discount on the standard published tuition fees.

1. Students suffering Financial Hardship:
Students suffering financial hardship can apply for a Virtu scholarship.
Selection criteria for a Financial Hardship Scholarship are:
(a) Degree of financial hardship;
(b) Provision of financial information;
(c) Provision of study/career path information; and
(d) Provision of other relevant information.

In order to be eligible to apply for a Financial Hardship Scholarship, the student must be in receipt of one of the following Australian Government benefits for a minimum of at least 3 months prior to their application:
• Youth Allowance
• Newstart
• Austudy
• Abstudy
• Carers Allowance
• Parenting Payment
• Rent Assistance
• Low Income Health Care Card
• Disability Allowance
• Assistance of Isolated Children Scheme
• Age Pension
• Service Pension

To apply for a Financial Hardship Scholarship , students must:
1.1 Complete the Virtu Scholarship Application Form.
1.2 Provide certified documentation as proof of being a recipient of one (1) or more of the listed Australian Government benefit entitlements for a minimum of 3 months prior to application.
1.3 Send the complete application form with your financial hardship submission to

2. Applications for Merit/Project Scholarships require the submission of a project undertaken by a student
To apply for a Project Based Scholarship you must complete the below project:
2.1. Choose a place, product or service in your area of discipline that you have experienced in the public domain in the last month, that left you disappointed, dissatisfied, unhappy or frustrated.
2.2 Take a single photo to include in your presentation.
2.3. Redesign/reimagine the place, product or service to improve it.
2.4. Present your ideas in the following format:
a) Write a 250 word (maximum) summary of the problem and your solution
b) Put together a 1 minute video or 5 slide presentation or single still image (poster like) that summarises your solution
c) Include the Virtu logo, your name and email address on the presentation
d) Your presentation file should be no larger than 5MB
2.5. Email your finished presentation along with the Virtu Scholarship Application Form to

Scholarship Application Form
Click here to download your Scholarship Application Form.

3. Selection Criteria for Merit/Project Scholarship
The solution should be socially relevant, engaging, and maybe have an element of fun. The problem can be solved in any way that the prospective student desires.

The assessment panel will use the following criteria to judge the entries/applications:
• The social importance of the project selected by the applicant
• The quality of the response to the problem
• The quality of the presentation of the entry

4. Terms and Conditions for Scholarship applications apply as follows:
• Applicants for the scholarships based Financial Hardship must be the recipient of one of the 12 Australian Government benefits listed above for a minimum of 3 months prior to application and must continue to be a recipient of the benefit during their study
• The Virtu Scholarship Application Form must be submitted with the required certified documentation (and project documentation if applicable) by the due date
• The applicant must meet the entry requirements of the course applied for
• The scholarship recipients will be enrolled in their classes with study beginning of the next Virtu Term unless otherwise agreed
• Virtu’s scholarships are only available for application by Virtu to Virtu Courses (Tuition) Fees and are not payable in any form to the student and are not able to be used for study in any another institution
• A full set of Terms, Conditions and Procedures of the Virtu Scholarship Program is available on the Virtu website: VDIPP20210 Policy and Procedure for Scholarships.

5. Virtu Scholarship Assessment Panel
The assessment panel is made up by the following Virtu Institute staff.
• Academic Director (VET), (Chair of Panel), Ms Rachel Hawkins (Top)
• Administration Manager and Registrar, Ms Kerrin Carlson (Centre)
• Student Services Manager and Assistant Registrar, Ms Monique Eggeling (Bottom)

APPLY NOW! Read the below terms and conditions and then submit your application to

6. Scholarship Recipient’s Information
6.1. By applying for a scholarship you give Virtu consent to collect your personal information and to contact you.
6.2. Virtu agrees to keep confidential all personal details obtained by Virtu during each scholarship application period.
6.3. By applying for a merit/project based scholarship the applicant gives Virtu consent to use the applicants name and project work for marketing and publicity purposes.
6.4. Ownership of the Intellectual Property rights of all project based applications remain with the applicant, however by applying, the applicant gives Virtu consent for unlimited license to use the project material from the scholarship program for publicity and in Virtu Institute promotional material.
6.5. The decision of the Virtu Scholarship Assessment Panel are final and any Grievance or Complaint regarding these decisions must be made in accordance with the Virtu VDIP&P20315 Student Grievance Handling Policy & Procedure (Academic & Non Academic Grievances)

7. Scholarship Provider
Virtu Design Institute Pty Ltd (RTO Code: 40530) trading as Virtu Institute, Level 21 / 233 Castlereagh Street NSW 2000

Further Information
For further information regarding the terms and conditions please contact