Virtu Institute, Virtu Business Institute, Virtu Education Institute and the Virtu Design Institute are the manifestation of a long held desire to establish an independent place of high-quality education that is international in scope, accessible to all who wish to engage in sincere learning.

Virtu is face to face, online and blended and excitingly innovative, as it offers students new ideas about its disciplines and their practice. We offer our students the opportunity to hone their skills, knowledge, and experience so that they leave Virtu with competencies that are measurable, understood and appreciated by future employers.

By studying at Virtu students will achieve an Australian nationally accredited qualification, which can only be delivered by an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO). To be a RTO we need to meet the requirements of the Australian National VET Regulator (NVR) and this is assessed by the Australian Skills Quality Authority(ASQA).

The Virtu brand is underpinned by three core meanings; we are in the virtual space, we are a virtuous institution and virtu is the object of desire. Initially focusing on the diploma qualifications, but later offering degrees, Virtu will be recognised by its peers for the quality of its courses, delivery, staff and graduates.

As a result of its differentiated method of delivery, Virtu will often attract students who are in full or part time employment, who, at the same time, wish to pursue their education.

Virtu courses are offered face to face, blended and online supported by a comprehensive Student Information System and a state of the art Learning Management System. Students will find Virtu an engaging environment and will, be offered through our internship work placement program learning opportunities in high quality work environments.

Virtu engages with the professional community to draw on well respected individuals to be involved in its governance, its academic management and its learning and teaching activities. Virtu is a member of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET), the Design Institute of Australia (DIA) and The Australian Design Alliance (ADA).

Our taglines Designing Futures and Quality Learning Online are about Virtu, its students and the professions, active and moving forward together; prospering, growing and contributing to the well-being of our individual communities and, as a result, the global community.

Professor Ron Newman
CEO, Virtu Institute