Jane Mourao







 Title: Director
Qualifications: BA, Cambridge CELTA

Profile: Jane Mourao is an experienced educational manager with over 20 years in the education industry. Her career spans teaching, administration, marketing and management, with experience in both private and public sector educational institutions.

Jane began her career as an EFL teacher (English as a foreign language) in Australia and overseas. Her interest in the business side of the operation translated into experience outside the classroom in a range of operational areas such as admissions. This led to working in the international marketing arena and eventually becoming Director of Marketing.

The insight of being an educator as well as administrator has served Jane well in being able to see issues from different perspectives and coming up with creative and practical solutions.

Jane’s management experience comes in both the marketing and general management fields and is across four different institutions, private Higher Education Providers and public institutions. Her breadth of experience has resulted in a finely-honed approach to educational management and organisational design that provides optimal outcomes for all stakeholders. Jane is currently working in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney as Faculty Operations Manager, having also completed a time as General Manager.

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